Children have the absolute right to a positive relationship with both parents.


Parental Alienation IS Child Abuse.


 If you have to go to court to see your child, parental alienation is happening

If you're facing a battle with your child's other parent, a government agency, or any other entity who would keep your child from you, it is critical that you get input from people who have had experience with this.  


As Dr. Bone says, "You don't know what you don't know."  In these cases, what you don't know can cost you the battle. The system has its 'ins and outs'  and people who would separate a child from a parent have a certain way of accomplishing their goals (both within the system and with the child.)  There are so many ways in which your case can develop a gap and it's highly unlikely that the other side will miss the opening. Also, the other side's case probably has a number of weak spots already, you need to know how to spot them and use them to protect your children.


Children deserve to be safe and well cared for with every opportunity to have a joyous, nurturing life. If the system or the other parent is having problems providing the these things for your children, you have an exceptionally intricate road ahead of you.


Since 1997, The Alliance for Single Parents has been helping concerned parents navigate this road. There are specifics to high-conflict battles involving children. The more familiar you, your attorney and the rest of the people in your life are with these specifics, the greater the possibility of your children having the life they deserve.

  • Custody coaching

  • Parental alienation and 'target parent' information

  • Child support issues

  • High conflict custody, divorce, separation

  • Defeating false allegations of DV and/or abuse

  • Finances

  • Day-to-day challenges

  • Extricating yourself from the divorce industry

  • International and domestic parental child abductions

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It's the systematic destruction of a child's right to have a loving relationship

 The custodial parent has

an absolute obligation to support and foster the child's relationship with the

other parent

  • Denigration

  • Frivolous rationalization for the complaint

  • Lack of ambivalence

  • Independent thinker phenomenon

  • Automatic support/Reflexive support

  • Absence of guilt

  • Borrowed scenarios

  • Spread of animosity


Winning an alienation case consists of two parts...


1) Gaining and using knowledge of how both the alienator and the target parent function.


2) Bringing four specific areas to peak.


Remember that alienation is made from words, time, internal dialogue, and manipulation. The alienator has characteristics that, although born of bad intent, can give them a winning edge. The target parent and his/her team need to have those same characteristics, born of good intent.



1) Legal – Having a good attorney who understands and acts on the above about alienators and alienation, making sure the motions being drafted are effective, using the Court’s time wisely, interrogatories and depositions, presenting yourself properly. Also, there are 'ins and outs' to the court system. As Dr. Bone says, "You don't know what you don't know." You need to understand both the inner and outer workings of this system.  


2) Other professionals and witnesses – School staff, coaches, counselors, police. Anyone who can back up the truth and keep it from becoming ‘he said/she said’ in court.


3) Day-to-Day issues and events – This includes the communications between your ex and you, dealing with the children and other family members, tending to your work and home.


4) You – Taking care of yourself, eating, sleeping, keeping yourself from burn-out. Also, analyzing if any of the above characteristics need tending to, becoming proactive instead of reactive, getting out of victim mode and on the offense instead of being on the defense.


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Each of the four areas has numerous specifics and methods, but this checklist will get you started.

Signs of Parental Alienation





Pamela Dean Wright

Pamela Wright has been at the forefront of helping parents overcome parental alienation and high conflict custody for the past 19 years, beginning with her own alienation situation. She has developed core/proprietary solutions that have worked extremely well, bringing success to over 90% of her clients.


She has helped families from across the U.S., Europe, Australia and Africa, while applying proven precision tactics. Pam works side by side with the parent to overcome any blocks, repair damage already done, make sure the professionals (counselors, mental health people, etc.) are working for the children, overcome false allegations, guide the parent through important but often neglected details like emails, interaction with the children, etc.


Her upcoming book entitled Wolf Rising, is designed to disperse information to embattled parents quickly and effectively.


"It's vitally important to have some positivity coming into your life everyday. This is part of "Area 4" mentioned above. No matter what your personal beliefs are, find SOMETHING that helps to build you up on the inside.  If we're going to get your kids safe, we need you whole, centered, stable. No matter how good of a team we get behind you, you're the bow of the ship. If you're sinking, the rest of us have no choice but to follow."




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